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The Nobel Laureates School Visits is a non-profit organization. Please help us continue to bring Nobel Laureates to local high school communities throughout the United States. Your generous contribution would be greatly appreciated.

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NL Translation
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Special Thanks To:

1. The Boston Latin School Association

2. The Bronx School of Science Foundation

3. International Business Machines Corporation (IBM)

4. Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association (MSSAA)

5. BioCision, LLC

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6. Cambridge Healthtech Institute

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7. The Volunteers:
-Igor Abramovich, Ph.D.  
-Professor Dan H. Fenn Jr.  
-Raju Govindaraju, Ph.D.  
-Ms. Misbah Hasan  
-Ms. Sonia Hasan  
-The Honorable Jay R. Kaufman  
-Ms. Galina Pekurovskaya  
-Mr. Van Seasholes